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  • bus air conditioner YJQK26B
  • bus air conditioner YJQK26B
  • bus air conditoner YJQK26B

Bus air conditioner YJQK26B

Cooling Capacity : 26kw

Adaptive models : 10-12m

Evaporator Air Flow: 4000m³/h

Condenser Air Flow : 6600m³/h

Compressor Capacity: 475 cc/r

Cover Material: Fibreglass

  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameters

Product Description

1.Latest Technology of Parallel Flow Condensers to offer 60% higher flowing rate compared with normal tube/fin condensers
2.Aluminum construction body resisting salts erosion
3.Inner grooved copper tube/fin evaporators offer better performance
4.Plastic cover with EV approved for to help reduce whole unit weight therefore to reduce the dimension of vehicle
5. World famaous brand components in the units can help offer excellent performance

Technical Parameters

Model no.:

Cooling Capacity (Kw)


Adaptive models (m)


Operating Voltage DC24V
Refrigerant R134a
Evaporator Part Evaporator Type Inner grooved tube coil with blue fin
Blower QTY 4
Air Flow (Max)


length x height x wide 1824*1820*243mm
Condenser Part Condenser Type Multi flow condenser
Blower QTY 3
Air Flow (Max)


length x height x wide 1751*1820*243mm
Matching Compressor 4TECY
Compressor Capacity 475 cc/r
Matching Generators 120A
Cover Material Fibreglass


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